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lay off to stop employing a worker, especially for a period of time in which there is not much work to do The company announced they were laying off two hundred employees put up with to accept a bad situation or person without complaining For many years, the people in that village have put up with inadequate roads. run out of use all of something and not have any left If we're not careful, we'll run out of oil before alternative sources of energy have been found. go without to live without something you need or usually have No one should have to go without clean water to drink. wipe out to remove or destroy Illiteracy has been nearly wiped out there. come up with to think of an idea, plan, reply, etc. Thetj need to come up with a new plan to shelter the homeless. come down with to become sick with a particular illness Since the flood, hundreds have come down with malaria. carry out to do something that needs to be organized and planned It's time the president carried out her plan to vaccinate all school-age children. bring about to make something happen We need to tell management our ideas if we expect to bring about any policy changes.

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