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Sound Bites.

Sound Bites. Read and listen to a conversation between two friends comparing musical tastes. TANIA: Wow! You've got quite a CD collection! KEN: I guess so. Let's put something on. TANIA: Got any pop? KEN: How about some Gato Barbieri? I've got Fenix. TANIA: Actually, his saxophone playing kind of gets on my nerves on that one. KEN: Really? I'm totally into him. Fenix is one Qf my all-time favorites. TANIA: Yeah, but it's pretty hard to perform to. KEN: Well, have you heard some of his later stuff? TANIA: No, what's it like? KEN: It's got more of a Latin feel. It'll definitely get the party started. TANIA: Oh yeah? Let's give it a listen.

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