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Hilda So, when you're living here, do you miss home? David Um, I don't miss too much, to be honest. Um, I miss my family, of course .... Hilda Right. David But I definitely don't miss the food! Um, I miss my family.T hat's about it. Hilda So, if you went back home, would you miss lots of things about Brazil? David Oh, yeah. I'd absolutely miss the food here. Yeah. But actually, I think the biggest thing would be ... it would be weird for me to live in a country where I knew the language already, where all I have to do is work. I just don't see a challenge in that. You know, here every day is a challenge, speaking the language. Hilda Uh-huh. David In fact, living back home would be boring, I think. I honestly don't know what I'd do.

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