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one of my hobbies includes running. uh, it started back when_ well, actually it started before i even i got in high school, when i was forced to play baseball. um, my parents, i guess, wanted me to be, a baseball player, along with every other American boy, and the American dream. um, then when i got into high school, i realized that it just wasn't the sport for me and i didn't want to go on with it. and, one of my friends introduced me to running. uh, so i guess i started with the, uh, track and field team, my freshman year in high school. and... what really got me interested was how successful i was in it. my very first race i got second. so, if you are good at something, you tend to like it more. um as i went on at high school, i, i received more awards and won more races and, enjoyed running more and more. and i got more into the sport. um, so now, i run cross country along with track and field, uh, which_ are the distance events. um, when i went to college i i kept up the running. uh, ran for Penn State and, uh, made the varsity team there. so i i was pretty successful early on. um but then some injuries, uh, kept me out from running, probably up to my potential. at least i think would be my potential. uh, that, but that goes with the sport. uh, anything from broken bones to hurt ham strings and, muscles. um, along with running, competitively with the schools, i also, uh, run road races which are just, local races that, uh, communities have anything from three-mile race to, ten-mile races. uh, so that might help me continue on, further when i want to, uh, run after college in marathons... and, uh, longer races. so we'll see where it takes me. Copyright © 2017, Lidget Green, Inc. | English Listening | All R

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