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Leon: )'~1J.l99~ t'!l!ltli.flf. Haven't we met somewhere before? Taka: I don't thin k so. I'm not from around here. Leon: I know! Aren't you from Japan? I'm sure we met at the IT conference last week. Taka: Of course! You're from Mexico, right? Leon: That's right. I'm sorry. I've forgotten your name. Taka: Kamura Takashi. But you can call me Taka. Leon: Hi, Taka. Leon Prieto. Please call me Leon. So, Y'!l'la.t .h.aY~'yp}l. .b.e~(1 . l{R tq since the conference? Taka: Not much. Actually, I'm on my way to the airport now. I'm flying back home. Leon: Hey, Y'!~ ~'1ql{IQ .k~~I? ,i Q .t91J<;'1· Here's my card. The conference is in Acapulco next year and J FP1Jiq ~~9'(J. :iql! ilCQW!q· Taka: That would be great. I hear Acapulco's beautiful. Leon: It was nice to see you again, Taka. Taka: You, too.

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